Development Plan

Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute will exert more R&D of high-tech products, such as aircraft tires, special tires, electromagnetic radiation protective clothes, fire entry clothes, sealed aerospace protective clothes to support developments of aviation and aerospace and armaments.

In 5 to 8 years, it strives to build the institute into a first-class technology center for aircraft tire engineering, a national key laboratory for special tires in accordance with international standards, and a modern production base for aircraft tires, special ground tires, rescue and protective rubber clothes, chemical protective clothes, fire entry clothes and other special-purpose rubber products.

In 5 to10 years, adhering to the strategy, “stabilizing, strengthening and enriching the institute through military products, scientific research and civil products,” following its corporate spirit "to be No.1” and corporate aspirations “contribute to domestic aviation developments,” it would raise its levels of R&D, production, testing and inspection to develop the institute into a technology-based enterprise with marked profits, unique characteristics and leading technologies.   

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