Shuguang Culture

Development Strategy:

Stabilize with military brand, strengthen with scientific research and enrich with national features.

Strategic Concept:

Pursue excellence and perseverance.

Management Concept:

It all depends on human efforts, focusing on outcomes.

People-oriented and execution first

Talent Concept:

All talents should be appreciated. Irreplaceability represents a kind of talent.

Enterprise Aspiration:

Contribute ourselves to the aviation career.

Quality Policy:

Get technology first, strengthen management, keep upgrading and conforming to requirements to satisfy customers.

Enterprise Vision:

Remarkable benefits, obvious features, leading at home, advanced abroad.

Enterprise Spirit:

Make the best aero tires to become No.1!

Enterprise Philosophy:

Leading is our goal, innovation is our soul and development is what we pursue.

Developing thought elements

Learning and innovations

Innovation Concept:

New visions, new ideas and new methods

Operation Concept:

Satisfy customers with quick response and develop a “win-win.”

Execution Concepts:

No excuse for tasks and no discount for executions

High efficiency every minute

Focus on results

Working Concept:

Eager to accomplish goals carefully

Production Concept:

Achieve a regulatory, standard, orderly, safe, energy-savings, environmental-protections, and efficient and sustainable developments.

Quality Concept:

Wholehearted promise to make excellent products.

Safety Concept:

Cherish and love life, while rejecting blood money.

Living Concept:

Keep pace with the times and survival of the fittest.

Market Concept:

Discover, adapt, create and satisfy markets.

Competition Concept:

Stand on strength and strive for a “win-win.”

Team Concept:

One body, one goal, one sound, one spirit and one culture

Individual Values:

Serving enterprise for a better life

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