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Shuguang Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute owns a uniform technical platform established for provincial and ministerial technical centers. The platform is responsible for research, development and applications of new products, technologies, processes, materials, testing methods and standards of Shuguang, advanced research, development and design of new and high and key technologies and new-generation products with market prospects, along with a mid or long-term plans, formulating industrial and national standards for a national engineering center and laboratory for engineering tires and special tires. The technology R&D center hired 153 professionals, including eight, who enjoy government allowances, 47 with senior professional titles and 103 with intermediate professional titles.

The institute is a leader in the domestic aircraft tire sector. From the “7th Five-Year Plan” to the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, it has undertaken key R&D project “No.10 Project” and research of tires for “FBC-1 (Flying Leopard) Fighter Bomber”, “FC-1 (Fierce Dragon)” and other aircrafts, and satisfied the needs of new domestic aircrafts and introducing aircrafts, receiving praise for its quality and services. The project “engineering research of plateau battles of advanced fighters” won the national first prize for scientific and technological progress in 2003.

Our quality supervision and inspection center of special tires for chemical industry owns many domestic advanced testing devices such as: dynamic simulation tester for aircraft tire/wheel braking, imported RW860 tire performance tester, electronic speckle detector, static balancing tester, laser hologram detector, X-ray detector and rubber processing analyzer, and a professional quality supervision team, and has long been engaged in internal and external quality supervision of special tires. It is an authoritative institution for quality supervision, inspection, appraisal and arbitration of special tires in the country. 

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